Ballot Boxing: Defending Democracy

#11822 Green Party Targett for Thanet North March 2015 A4 v2a(1)-page-001

If boxing is the sweet science, politics is the sour one. Candidates  out on the campaign trail get more abuse flung at them than you can possibly imagine.

Ask Jess Phillips MP – she once received 600 rape threats in just one evening.

I’d barely got 100 Facebook likes on my page than I’d been called a “cunt”, a “mug” and been told by one ardent fan that they’d rather “eat shit” than vote for me. (Lucky them: their preferred choice will be widely available on the ballet paper).

The political climate is febrile.

An MP has been murdered by a rightwing extremist. Westminster has been attacked by a Jihadist. And the Daily Mail uses ever-more aggressive and violent language against those opposed to its views. (“Saboteurs!” “Enemies of the People!“)

A healthy democracy requires a strong opposition. And this in turn requires confident candidates out campaigning for what they believe in; even if you don’t believe in it too. That’s why I’m sponsoring free boxing or jujitsu classes for my opponents at my local club, Pej’s Allstars in Margate.

Here’s how the press reported it.

I’m more of a sweet science man. But jujitsu? It worked for the Suffragettes


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