Your Green Candidate for North Thanet


I’m proud to have been nominated to stand in North Thanet for the Green Party.

I’m a local dad born in Herne Bay and living in Margate. And I’m tired of being angry behind my computer as our services and assets are sold off by a Tory government.

An alternative local voice is urgently needed.

In North Thanet our schools are having their funding cut by Sir Roger Gale’s Tories. (Banks get bailouts and MPs vote themselves pay rises, but my children’s school will lose three teachers’ salaries and Herne Bay High will lose over half a million pounds).

The QEQM and Canterbury Hospital are cancelling consultations and closing wards because Sir Roger Gale’s government has slashed their budgets. Nurses are going to food banks and trainee doctors quitting to work in supermarkets over poor pay.

Being angry isn’t enough.


So let’s change the conversation this election.

Let’s talk about how Britain could lead the way in engineering innovation again.

How we could be world leaders in marine (tidal and wave) energy – and how that could create hundreds of thousands of jobs and put billions back into the economy.

If elected, I’d work overtime to bring new businesses and jobs to North Thanet. I’d write to thousands of brilliant British companies around the country doing great work with sustainable energy and more, inviting them to visit and invest in the constituency. 

Let’s talk about an exciting “Green New Deal” of investment in infrastructure; from housing energy to transport; an economic stimulus that doesn’t just widen inequality.

Let’s talk about how global warming is escalating and how urgent it is that we take positive steps against this – and talk about the alarming loss of wildlife and biodiversity  around the world in a Sixth Great Extinction.

(As a child in Herne Bay, I remember regularly seeing a hedgehog in Oxenden Square. They are now endangered, as are so many other local wildlife species).

Let’s talk about affordable housing – and ban anonymous investment in UK property from offshore tax havens – one of the easiest money-laundering techniques for criminals in the world, which has driven up house prices.)

Let’s talk about free Higher Education – funded upfront by the government, rather than funded off-balance sheet through debt write-offs.

And please let’s talk about the eye-popping absurdity of Theresa May telling foreign students not to come here – even as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States battle to attract them; students who bring £26 billion to our economy annually.

Let’s talk about our proud history of being a safe haven for those fleeing persecution, from Voltaire to Kropotkin; the Huguenots to those fleeing Idi Amin’s Uganda.

And let’s talk about the tragedy of our losing our influential place at the heart of Europe and the need for a referendum on the final deal.


I’m standing for Parliament because I want to be able to help people.

And I hope to do this, win or lose.

So whether you are a public sector worker wanting to talk to me confidentially, a business wanting some support or an individual or group with a great idea for North Thanet, please do get in touch on 07956 411683, here, or

Many thanks for your time,

Ed Targett




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