Margate High St: Green at the Gills


A Freedom of Information request by Louise Oldfield has revealed that over the past year Margate Town Team spent £26,425 on “green spaces” on Margate High Street, with Portas Pilot money no less (remember that?)

What the hell? Where?!

The standard desolate planters appear little changed from prior to this supposed orgy of cash-splashing. And as I blogged just the other day, a few hundred yards over the top of the High St. you find planters looking like this.

To put this in perspective, this is what you can buy with £26,425:

With Margate’s vibrant (sorry) volunteer community, you could realistically fork £10,000 on plant pots and £10,000 on flowers and £6,000 on fruit trees and find homes for them and people to plant them. Wherever this money has gone, its lack of impact is inexcusable. I’m writing to my councillors today.


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