European Funding

The last European funding I saw allocated for Margate* ended up in the private bank accounts of a developer married to a former councillor.

They kept the money and the Europeans demanded their money back; Thanet District Council gave it back, from our taxes.

No, nobody has been held to account for this travesty.

Right now there is something in the region of £180 million in European funding available for Kent.

Large chunks of that are allocated for increasing the number of small scale renewable energy schemes and “increasing innovation in adoption of low carbon technologies.”

Another funding call “is looking to increase entrepreneurship, particularly in areas with low levels of enterprise activity and amongst under‐represented groups and increase the growth capacity of small and medium sized enterprises.”

These are both great causes. Both unfortunately have imminent closing dates (there’s still time if you are fast) but there will be other rounds.

If elected I’ll be working my socks off to make sure that North Thanet’s businesses and councils are bidding for this money and putting it to work transparently and effectively. In Margate in particular, I’ll be making damn sure that Thanet District Council has a really professional team in place to support bids, do proper due diligence and track results for the town’s benefit.

*I’m sure there has been plenty more that has been well used…

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    • Yes, third link! If you’re in a different enterprise partnership area, find out which yours is and check their website…

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