Greening Margate Central


I’m really pleased to announce that I am standing for Margate Central ward, where I live, in the upcoming Thanet District Council elections.

I’m in great company, standing alongside businesswoman and campaigner Louise Oldfield—both of us representing the Green Party.

I think it’s abundantly clear that TDC needs an injection of new blood. And your support could allow us to become the first elected Green councillors on Thanet District Council; a genuinely achievable target.

There are too many reasons to count why I’m standing.

But in short I want to be proud to take my children down a clean and lively High Street full of flowers as they grow up; to play on beaches that don’t face the risk of raw sewage being discharged onto them.

I want the council to be transparent and supportive of new businesses and engaged with community groups. And I’d love to see it showcase best practice in the sustainability sector—from grey water recycling to conservation—while protecting wildlife and our green (and gold) spaces.

I’d also like to work towards making it a positive, lively place to work with good relationships between officers and councillors; so talented staff can be recruited and the “toxic homophobia and hostility; barracking and bullying” that the LGA found during a peer review last year can be replaced by passionate but courteous debate.

Margate’s a magical place and deserves better. And your vote can help. Registering to vote only takes 2 minutes online. (You can do it here if you haven’t already!) and if you want to support us, drop either of us a line.

We’d love to hear from you about your ideas, plans and aspirations for Margate.


4 responses to “Greening Margate Central

  1. Good news and good luck to both! Just a small question though. I thought Ian Driver was the first Green Councillor on TDC. Or did he switch from Labour mid term?

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