Tesco Take Ten Count

We can do better than this

We can do better than this

It’s nice to see Thanet District Council, the freeholders of the site, reacting so positively to the news that a overwhelming Tesco (82,000 square feet) planned for bang on the seafront is not going ahead after the ailing supermarket pulled out. They told the Guardian, who broke the news today:

The council is positive about the future of the site given its proximity to the new reimagined Dreamland and the upwards trend of exciting regeneration in the area.

TDC are the freeholders of the prime seafront site. I’m sure better plans than in the picture above can be brought into fruition – and ones that don’t cause some monstrous traffic problems getting in and out of Margate. (Noteworthy that half of the turnover of an independent local retailer goes back into the local community, while just 5% of the turnover of a supermarket does)

Blame leaseholders Freshwater if nothing happens now. Hopefully they can see it’s in their best interest that the site flourishes. Here’s to a bright future for a great location right on the seafront of town that’s buzzing with energy and full of people with good ideas who have the capability to realise them.

Here’s one such imaginative vision; a really creative one that uses rather than abuses the existing space. http://arlingtonmargate.com/future/

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